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stronger, wiser and heavier
let us all just pretend i took a long nap (a long and tiring one)

The past few months of my disappearance was due to tremendous adolescent phases I had to go through, in which, I think I succeeded in facing but at the same time failed at being fully “together” with myself. I won’t be giving an in depth explanation of what had happened but I’d like to say that the situations I faced a couple months back has made a huge impact in my life. Well, at least a little bit. Haha. Nonetheless, that’s all over now and I am more than grateful to be alive and in college.

Finally at it.
“New chapter of my life” (the best line I’ve got to describe it, uhhh cliché)
Not as surprising as I was hoping for it to be yet I know I like the college set-up more than the high school one. I think being away from my parents is the closest I can get to feeling more of an “adult.” And to me, that’s amazing.

I would like to end my update there.
I am hoping to get back on my feet with my entries.
I honestly think I was at my best self back when I came here for relaxation.

plus, i miss writing.